Van Engen co-publishes a book on emotion in religion – The Source

Abram Van Engen, professor of English in arts and sciences at Washington University in St. Louis, has co-edited a new collection of essays on religious sentiment in early American history and literature.

Van Engen

“Feeling Godly: Religious Affections and Christian Contact in Early North America” (University of Massachusetts Press) includes essays by scholars in literary studies, Native American studies, African American history, and religious studies. Contributors include Stephanie Kirk of WashU, professor of Spanish, Comparative Literature, and Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, all in Arts and Sciences; and Mark Valeri, the Reverend Priscilla Wood Neaves, professor emeritus of religion and politics.

Van Engen and co-editor Caroline Wigginton derive their title from a 1746 book by Jonathan Edwards on the Christian conversion process titled “A Treatise Concerning Religious Affections,” in which Edwards argued that true conversion comes with affections. that change the nature of a person.

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