Tibetan women raise awareness of domestic violence and stress that “abuse is no excuse”


Carrying banners and wearing T-shirts with slogans such as “Silence protects violence” and “Abuse is no excuse,” Tibetan women held an event on Sunday to raise awareness of domestic violence in Dharamsala. . The Tibetan Central Administration (CTA) Women’s Empowerment Office of the Tibetan government-in-exile and the Tibetan Women’s Association (TWA) jointly organized the campaign in the main square of Mcloedganj in Dharamshala.

The protesters wore T-shirts with messages such as – “Home, where women are not safe, is not a home”, “Violence is no excuse”. They also carried banners such as – “Your story is your strength, speak up and stand up. Silence protects violence”, “Break the silence, get involved, save a friend, save a life, empower and free a being. human ”,“ Use your words, not fists ”and“ Violence is not love, violence is about control ”.

Tsering Kyi, spokesperson for CTA’s Women Empowerment Desk said, “October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month which is commonly celebrated in North America. This question is very important to us. So we are very happy to raise awareness about this issue and more to tell people not to shut up on this issue. ”Kelsang Dolma, TWA General Secretary, said,“ We ​​are here for this event to break the silence and tell people to raise their voices against him.

Shradha, a visitor said: “I am here for a trip and I am happy to see that they are organizing this great event because it is a need of the time. I wrote a message in my native language which means that an educated girl ensures the progress of the society which is the nation’s need. Rhia, another visitor, said: “I’m happy to see this campaign. Men need to understand something. It’s a need, it’s not a desire. We want change and we expect change. . ” (ANI)

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