The Politics of Hate | Voice

We live in a time when definitions are a major cultural battleground. In most cases, the battle is to redefine a meaning previously understood. Marriage, gender and social justice are obvious examples. But oddly enough, a little-noticed victim of the political correct battles over redefinitions is the word “liberal”.

Historically, the values ​​of classical liberalism – freedom of expression, respect for facts, and the use of the market of ideas as arbiter of truth – have much in common with conservatism. Liberals and Conservatives disagree on the size and scope of government, but all within a framework of freedom. But in recent days, liberalism has been hijacked by leftist elites, who have a completely different agenda – one in which freedom is in the sights.

For the political left, America is hopelessly racist, sexist, violent and phobic, especially homophobic, xenophobic and Islamophobic. While calling themselves progressive liberals, they are little more than 21st century communists who call for and justify the summary of the freedoms of everyone except their own. Here is the leftist redefinition of liberalism:

Not so free to express yourself. Leftists remain in favor of free speech, but not yours. Free speech under their new order of political orthodoxy is still defended – but not Christian or conservative discourse. Their conception of tolerance is simple: we tolerate them; they persecute us. It is classical Marxism.

Lack of respect for the facts. Everyone is entitled to their own point of view but not their own facts – unless you are on the left. They label facts supporting any view of the world other than their own as racist. The propagation of so-called safe spaces is therefore only a strategy to limit the speech of those with whom they disagree and ultimately seek to persecute.

The truth on the platform. The postmodern claim that truth does not exist is simply a leftist strategy to delegitimize genuine truth. At the same time, true believers in Marxism believe that any lie that advances the cause of communism is the “truth.” This is the absolute gospel for modern leftists – so much so that it is not unreasonable to assume at first glance that all of their arguments are lies. Donald Trump lifted the veil on this subject by denouncing the left-wing media for spreading false information.

America’s founders valued free religious exercise and freedom of conscience above all other freedoms, because if those freedoms are not maintained all others will also fall. Today’s left-wing elites will recognize what they call freedom of worship while denying anyone the right to live out their faith in public life. Ultimately, they seek to remove any vestige of religion from the public arena as a predicate to forcefully impose a politically correct left secularism.

In the midst of this leftist redefinition and deliberate confusion between the Southern Poverty Law Center. A civil rights defense group at its foundation, the SPLC is now little more than a hate group of the left whose strong point is reputable terrorism. Ironically, his so-called hate card is the perfect illustration of leftist redefinition.

According to the FBI, “the main purpose of a hate group is to promote animosity, hostility and malice against people of a different race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or ethnic / national origin. that of the members of the organization. “But the SPLC redefines hate group as any person or entity that has a different perspective than the far left’s political agenda on a wide range of issues. Their so-called hate card includes legitimate hate groups. like the KKK and the Aryan nation, but they falsely and outrageously placed David Duke next to David Barton and the D. James Kennedy ministries next to the American Nazi Party.

That is why we are continuing our legal battle against the SPLC. We call on the United States Supreme Court to reconsider our lawsuit against the SPLC for its false and defamatory claim that D. James Kennedy Ministries is a hate group because he simply believes in the teachings of the historic Christian faith embodied in the Bible. In our appeal, we ask the Court to reconsider its 1964 precedent, New York Times vs. Sullivan – which makes it almost impossible for “public figures” to prevail in libel suits – and grants our right to a trial.

We take this position, not only to defend ourselves, but for the gospel of Jesus Christ and his Church. We defend the truth and defend freedom, so that you and those you love can live your faith according to the precepts of your conscience. For this freedom, many died. By the grace of God, may their death not be in vain.

Frank Wright, Ph.D., is President and CEO of D. James Kennedy Ministeries (, producer of the new documentary, “How the Left Steals Your Church: The Woke Gospel Invasion. ”