Texas Board of Education moves to main Ax, accused of promoting CRT for fear of intimate clichés

The Texas Board of Education decided to fire the principal over critical theory allegations after he frowned during a Facebook photoshoot with his wife.

On Monday, the Grapevine Collieville Independent School District Education Council voted unanimously 7-0 for the non-renewal of Dr. James Whitfield, principal of Collieville Heritage High School. Contract.

This is the first step in a two step process where Whitfield can lose his job. He will now be forced to publicly defend his position before the final vote to see if he should remain principal.

Whitfield was put on paid leave in August after a former school board candidate accused him of teaching and promoting critical breed theory. Concerns were also expressed by the district over the beach photo taken about 10 years ago with his wife for the previous anniversary.

They took advantage of an intimate, but fully dressed, outdoor hug to film with a professional photographer, took photos and raised concerns after being revealed on her Facebook profile.

Whitfield (pictured), who has denied promoting critical breed theory, addressed his board on Monday to defend his case as a teacher

Whitfield said the district had expressed concern over the beach photo taken on his wife's wedding anniversary 10 years ago.

Whitfield said the district had expressed concern over the beach photo taken on his wife’s wedding anniversary 10 years ago.

At the meeting, district officials He cited the reason for the vote as a performance issue.CBS DFW reported that it tried to hide the public record of the find and did not follow official guidelines.

District officials also said Whitfield was failing to uphold the district’s standards of professional conduct when expressing concern to social media and the media. And they said it was dHe undermined its effectiveness by dividing most of the community by continuing to raise the issue of critical race theory.

Whitfield, who refused to promote the CRT, addressed the council on Monday to protect himself.

“I believe in all students, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or whatever bucket you want to put them in. I have access to quality and impartial education. I believe it should be, ”Whitfield said. “Yes, I said those words. Unfortunately, my apologetic attitude towards these things has brought us here tonight and has been disappointing.

Ahead of Monday's meeting, Whitfield was seen hugging a student who appeared to him.

Ahead of Monday’s meeting, Whitfield was seen hugging a student who appeared to him.

Ahead of Monday’s meeting, Whitfield was seen hugging students and supporters who appeared to be helping him.

“Honestly, this is very unwarranted and unwarranted on the part of the school board,” Grace Nguyen, director of Collieville Heritage, told CBSDFW.

“It’s an overall negative effect, and a lot of people in the region feel like something has changed, which is not good,” said senior Snera Choudhry.

Critical Race Theory: What Does It Mean?

Conflict over critical race theory in schools intensified in the United States last year.

This theory sparked fierce nationwide debate following last year’s Black Lives Matter nationwide protest and the introduction of Project 1619.

Project 1619, published by The New York Times in 2019 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the first enslaved African Americans to the American coast, brings the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans to the United States. A story that reconstructs American history by putting it at the center of.

The debate surrounding critical race theory takes into account concerns that some children are being asked to view whites as racist or sexist in nature.

Opponents of the Critical Race Theory have argued that it narrows people down to the “privileged” or “repressed” category based on their skin color.

However, supporters say this theory is essential for eliminating racism, as it examines how race affects American politics, culture, and law.

Whitfield was fired three months after asking for his dismissal, accusing former school board candidate Stenson Clark of having “extreme views about race.”

Clark said he first worried about Whitfield’s perspective last summer after seeing the letter the principal sent to his parents and students.

“In this letter, he promotes a conspiracy theory of institutional racism…” Clark said. “It encourages the turmoil and destruction of our neighborhood. “

Clark said he attacked Whitfield’s social media posts and promoted material consistent with critical breed theory.

In a lengthy Facebook post on July 31, Whitfield denied Clark’s accusations and wrote that Clark violated district rules by speaking to him by name at an education board meeting.

He writes: “At the last GCISD board meeting, people were allowed to speak my name in public public forums (contrary to the rules). prejudice. For most of the past year, whenever the racist metaphor raised its head, it was repeatedly said to ‘avoid the fact that there are racists’ and’ face it and be positive ”. But I no longer remain silent. “

“I’m not a CRT (Critical Race Theory) Boogeyman,” Whitefield added. “I am the first African American in 25 years of history to assume the role of principal in today’s school. I am fully aware of the fear this causes in the hearts of small minorities. The way they were. ”

Whitfield also said race was at the forefront of his boss’s decision to force him to remove photos of his white wife kissing and kissing from social media.

Whitfield said he received an email from the district regarding a beachside photo taken on his wedding anniversary with his wife Kelly 10 years ago.

“I look at the photo and the words above and it says, ‘Is this Dr Whitfield that we want you to run the school? “I showed it to my wife. My wife quickly started to cry, ”said Whitfield.

He claims the photo was the subject of a complaint at the time because the photo showed an interracial couple.

Whitfield deleted the photo, according to the New York Times, but published the story last week after a fierce encounter between Grapevine Colleyville Independent School District officials and parents during the race.

The debate over the teachings of critical race theory has rocked dozens of school boards across the United States this year.

Proponents claim that children are not taught CRT. He argues that the United States is racist in nature and that whites should be more aware of the daily hardships that blacks seek to dismantle their children.

However, opponents argue that not only the theory itself, but also the CRT inspired and related material is widely taught.

They say this topic is too disruptive for school-aged children and teaches them to see themselves as oppressors or victims.

Texas Board of Education moves to main Ax, accused of promoting CRT for fear of intimate clichés

Texas Board of Education moves to main Ax, accused of promoting CRT for fear of intimate clichés