Teacher in hot water after allegedly using N-word in rap music chat

The fate of a white Missouri high school teacher remains unknown after students accused him of using the N word in a discussion of rap music.

John Magoffin of Harrisonville High initially told administrators that he couldn’t recall using the full six-letter epithet during the April class discussion, FOX-4 Reports.

But a district investigation found that three students confirmed that he had indeed used the entire word.

In an ironic twist, Magoffin’s attorney said the district “tolerates” the word as used in the book “To Kill a Mockingbird,” which is part of the school’s curriculum.

Harrisonville manager Mark Wiegers didn’t believe it: “Kill a mockingbird is taught in an English classroom, ”he said. “Talking about rap culture is not part of the AP Bio agenda.” Magoffin gives science lessons.

Wiegers and the Harrisonville R-IX School District want Magoffin fired and have asked the school board to do just that. The manager said “[I]It is our job to protect students at all times. We cannot allow our students to be exposed to this kind of harm. “

But Magoffin requested and obtained a public hearing on June 15. from last friday, the school board had still not taken a decision on Magoffin’s position.

Of the history:

[I]At Tuesday’s hearing, district officials made it clear that when it comes to skin color, they found he had strong opinions.

A district attorney told the Harrisonville School Board that students remembered him telling him that he would never support Black Lives Matter and that racism does not exist in America.

“This student was interviewed and said during physics class that Mr. Magoffin called MLK day a black privilege day,” said Duane Martin, an EdCounsel attorney for the school district.

“He used the expression N-word, N-word that,” one student testified at the hearing.

“It was more than black can say the word and white cannot say the word, and that’s a double standard,” said another student. …

Another student told the principal that Magoffin joked that she couldn’t join her classmates for a walk with a mask because she was black, made inappropriate comments about black hair and stated that minorities should not receive scholarships just because they are minorities.

Impromptu discussions in a class any subject often occur; in this case, based on the reports, it is not clear whether Magoffin or a student initiated it.

According to Daily mail, Magoffin has been in Harrisonville HS for nine years and is pastor at a local church. His Twitter feed, moribund for two years, mainly presents articles on the topic of religion.

If Magoffin manages to keep his job, Wiegers wants him to follow a “diversity and sensitivity” training.

Read the FOX-4 and Daily mail articles.

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