T20 World Cup: ‘There’s a reason we play on the pitch and they don’t’: Kohli slams online trolls, argues Shami | Locust


Virat Kohli, at a press conference ahead of the T20 World Cup match between India and New Zealand, slammed online trolls after point guard Mohammed Shami was abused online after the defeat of India.

Ahead of India’s second T20 World Cup match against New Zealand, skipper Virat Kohli slammed social media trolls with harsh words. His comments come in light of online abuse his coach Mohammed Shami was subjected to following India’s 10-wicket loss to Pakistan in their first Super 12 meeting.

At the pre-match press conference in Dubai on Saturday, Kohli said there were “soft people” who had no idea what it took to play at the highest level and that the Indian team paid no attention to such comments.

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“There’s a good reason we’re playing on the pitch and not a bunch of soft people on social media who don’t have the courage to talk to anyone in person,” Kohli said during a press conference here.

“This is the lowest level of the human form, attacking someone for religion is the most pathetic thing human beings can do.

“I never thought of discriminating on the basis of religion. It is a very sacred thing. Our brotherhood and our friendship cannot be shaken… and these things cannot seep in. I give strength. credit to people who understand us, ”he added.

“We do what we do on the ground and none of these people (social media trolls) are even around to imagine doing something like this. They don’t have the guts or the backbone to do it. . This is how I see it. As a group we understand how we are to stay together and how we are to support individuals and how we are to focus on our strengths and whether people on the outside describe the fact. that India cannot afford to lose a game of cricket it is none of our business because we play sports and we understand how the sport is played. So the way people think on the outside doesn’t “Adds no value. We never focused on that and neither will we ever focus on him in the future.

“Like I said last time, people don’t understand what it takes to do the work on the ground internationally and we’re not going to go around and tell everyone what we’re doing. and how we do it. We’re just supposed to keep going and if a match goes you learn from it and move on. No match is more than another. Every cricket match is important and so will it. the same for the next match, ”concluded Kohli.

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