Plans for the Buddhist Peace Garden at Runcorn


PLANS have been submitted to establish a Buddhist peace garden and meditation space in Runcorn.

Wat Phra Singh UK, a charity that operates a Buddhist temple and medicine center on High Street in the Old Town, has submitted proposals to convert the land on Waterloo Road.

The charity took over the Waterloo Hotel in 2013 and has over 2,000 registered supporters in the UK, regularly attracting up to 600 people to its events. He recently had plans approved for a new hall and now wants to build a Peace Garden on land owned by Halton City Council.

If given the go-ahead, the triangular area – which is bordered by the High Street, Waterloo Road and Station Road bus route – would be transformed into a 520 square foot Peace Garden with a 6m Chedi Buddhist statue. tall, a structure used for meditation.

A design and access statement submitted to the Halton Borough Council Development Management Committee, said the area was to become a tourist attraction due to new investments and plans to open locks and waterways from the old town.

He added, “As a non-profit charity supporting the Buddhist temple and meditation center, the applicants are not seeking material gain from this proposal, but are simply trying to make better use of a used space, adjacent to the temple. . ”

If approved, the statement said the garden would be open to everyone and would have seats where people could sit to “rest and think calmly.”

The statement added, “The Chedi will be the centerpiece of a short meditation walk, which will include flower beds and rock gardens.

“In front of the garden will be a stone plaque exhibiting the concept of the Garden of Peace, inviting people to sit down and enjoy the area. ”