07 Dec 2021 | 5:19 AM HIST


Srinivas Kamat

I can’t help but write this article as a response to Visitacao B Monteiro’s article – Migrations of Goans to South India – Due To Conversion and Inquisition Orders? (Herald, December 5). This is a long series of articles written by writers in Goa to justify some things that have happened historically that cannot be justified. Thus, in this article, the author attempts to justify the premise that not all migrations of people of other faiths from Goa were related to the Inquisition.

There were also migrations of people from Goa of the Christian faith during the time of the Inquisition, which the author does not consider to be a possible justification for the fact that only other faiths were harassed. The article trying to justify this premise ends up legitimizing the Inquisitions.

There is also no data provided that supports the fact that people left Goa in large numbers before the mid-16th century since they simply asserted this fact on the basis of history or existence. from a street from Goa to Kochi or from some people of Calangute origin involved in the copper trade in Calicut, is not enough.

In writing such articles or doing studies on these topics, one should be open-minded and realize that migration is a trend that has occurred since the dawn of humanity. People move for many reasons and we see it happening all over the world, so seeing it happening in Goa is not unique. The more we insist on the Inquisition, the more we delve into the wounds when the intention may be to try to heal or apply balm to the scars that have been left behind. So we should just take it as an event in history and move on.

Again, none of us who are living now were responsible for the Inquisition and its aftermath. We must therefore drop the matter. Another thing that we have to recognize is that the younger the religion, the more its promoters try to make it grow either by persuasion or by force, which has been the origin of the growth of the two main religions, the Muslim and Christian. , which we see today. These efforts continue to this day and this is why we see sporadic reports of conversion and / or violence against those who attempt to convert. It will continue. No amount of denial on the part of those involved in such actions will change this fact.

But one would have seen that older religions like Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism are not greatly affected by these events as they all have a larger base and losing a few has no impact on their existence.

Most importantly, these religions have a bigger heart and possess their strength of conviction and have compassion for all mankind. This is why you will notice that there is neither rigor nor constraint in their practice.