Main Indian opposition party urges Indian diaspora to condemn anti-Muslim hate speech

Mr. Modi is the leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which has historically represented Hindu nationalist interests and has ruled India since 2014.

The Indian National Congress (INC) is the main opposition party, led by Sonia Gandhi, wife of Rajiv Gandhi, the former Indian Prime Minister assassinated in 1991.

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Ms Mohamed’s comments come days after right-wing Hindu figure Yati Narsinghanand told the religious rally that swords are insufficient in the “battle against Muslims” and that better weapons are needed to achieve victory.

Tensions between Hindus, who make up over 80 percent of India’s 1.3 billion people, and Muslims, who make up around 14 percent of the population, date back centuries.

The three-day conclave was held in Haridwar, an ancient city and a major pilgrimage site in Uttarakhand state, northern India.

“I was horrified,” Ms. Mohamed said, referring to the rally.

“Since 2014, we have seen this hatred against Muslims, but normally it would be on the sidelines.

“Now there has been a conclave with religious leaders openly calling for the genocide of Muslims and they have attacked elders [INC leader and] Prime Minister Manhoham Singh and said he should also be killed.

“So it was very worrying that it came from a conclave where there are religious priests of the Hindu religion.”

Indian police have opened an investigation into the event, which was attended by at least one BJP member.

The religious conclave was held in Haridwar, an important Hindu pilgrimage site in the state of Uttarakhand, in northern India.

Source: AFP

The party has been accused – but denies – of encouraging persecution of Muslims and other minorities by die-hard Hindu nationalists since coming to power in 2014.

Seventy-six lawyers from the Supreme Court of India wrote to Chief Justice of India NV Ramana on Monday, asking the High Courts and the Supreme Court of India to open a hearing on the matter under the legal principle of knowledge of Suo Moto.

Prominent Muslim lawmaker Asaduddin Owaisi tweeted that the comments in the video were a “clear case of incitement to genocide”.

Modi’s government has not commented on the event.

SBS News has contacted Mr. Modi’s office for comment but has yet to receive a response.

Ms Mohamed said that this was not an isolated incident and that minorities in India were treated unfairly on a daily basis.

She recently tweeted about Muslim stand-up comedian Munawar Faruqui, who was arrested in January for allegedly disrespecting Hindu gods.

The 29-year-old was halfway through his performance in the BJP-run city of Indore, Madhya Pradesh, when he was arrested and, according to a recent Al Jazeera article, “Ended up spending 37 days in jail for jokes he never told”.

“He was not released on bail saying he had insulted Hindu deities. But when you ask the police, [the] the police make it clear that there is no video of him insulting him, ”Ms. Mohamed said.

According to Ms. Mohamed, other minority groups in the country are also under attack.

“Various disturbances are also happening across the country in other minorities. And if you look at it, it’s mostly in the states ruled by the BJP, ”she said.

“Churches were attacked in Uttarakhand some time ago and even yesterday the Christmas celebrations [were interrupted] in Haryana, the neighboring state of [the national capital Delhi]. If they can do it so close to the capital, what about the rest of the places? “

Ms. Mohamed has a final message for Mr. Modi.

“Mr. Modi, the Prime Minister of India, should be the Prime Minister of 135 crore [1.3 billion] the people and not just the voters of the Bharatiya Janata Party. But that’s not what we see here in India. He is only the Prime Minister of his particular vote bank… and it is very upsetting for other Indians.