Ludhiana cow slaughter: 2 arrested, four on the run

Ludhiana police said on Thursday they had arrested two men from Jamalpur who they said were wanted in a clow massacre case that was filed more than a month ago. Police said four other suspected suspects involved in the case were still at large.

The remains of two cows were found near a landfill in the Jiwan Nagar area in phase 5 of the focal point on November 24. Police said the cows – including one nearly six months pregnant – were slaughtered and their heads, feet, intestines and other parts dumped in the area. A fetus was also recovered on the spot.

Police on Thursday identified the arrested men as Kalim Ahmad aka Sardar (41) and Mohammad Rehan (26), both residents of Meerut in Uttar Pradesh. They lived in a rented room in the Jamalpur area in Ludhiana. Ludhiana Police Commissioner Gurpreet Singh Bhullar said the defendants were arrested following an accusation. He added that the arrested men were selling beef in Delhi’s Shahdara district.

The four fugitives were identified as Aman aka Armaan and Alam from Meerut, Iqbal from Delhi and Ravi from Ludhiana.

Bhullar said that during questioning the defendants have so far told them that they pick up cattle straying in Ludhiana in their jeep and then slaughter them. After slaughtering the animals, they threw their remains in a pit and threw salt at them to speed up the decomposition process. They then transported the beef to Delhi for sale. After the incident on November 24, Hindu organizations warned of massive protests against Punjab police across the state if the defendants were not identified and arrested. The police had formed a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to investigate the case.

An FIR had been registered under sections 295A (to outrage the religious feelings of any class), 428 (to kill, poison any animal), 153A (to promote enmity between different groups for reasons of religion, race, etc.) , 429 (mischief by killing an animal of any value) of the IPC and 3, 4 and 8 of the Law of Punjab on the prohibition of the slaughter of cows.