Karnataka government orders “Gau-Puja” in the temples of Deepavali

The government of Karnataka has ordered the practice of “Gau-Puja” (cow worship) in all temples under the Department of Hindu Religious Institutions and Charitable Foundations of Karnataka on the occasion of Deepavali on November 5.

The order orders all the temples under the endowment department to celebrate the worship of cows in the temples of “Balipaadyami” between 5:30 pm and 6:30 pm, which corresponds to the auspicious time of “godhooli lagna”, according to the Hindu calendar.

According to the order, during the Deepavali festival every year, the temple authorities should bathe the cows, decorate them with flowers and worship them according to Hindu traditions and offer them bananas, jaggery, sweets and other dishes. and lead a puja.

The Commissioner of the Department of Hindu Religious Institutions of Karnataka and Charitable Endowments said in the ordinance that the Minister of Muzrai, Haj & Wakf, Shashikala Jolle, in her circular to the department, asked the temples to conduct “Gau-Puja “.

The order also stipulates that from this year, during the time of Deepavali, all temples under the endowment department should obligatorily worship the cow. “This is a decision taken to carry on the ancient Hindu tradition according to the sacred texts of religion and ‘sanatana dharma’,” the order said.