Heir to Tibetan apron weaving techniques

LHASA, Sept. 22 (Xinhua) – Jedexoi city in Gonggar County, southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region, is known as the hometown of the “Bangdian”, a kind of apron. stripes made by the Tibetan ethnic group.

Bangdian has a history of around 1,500 years. Its weaving techniques were listed in 2006 as one of the intangible cultural heritages of the Chinese state.

In Jedexoi town, almost all households practice Bangdian weaving.

Karri is a renowned heir to Bangdian weaving techniques.

“Bangdian woven items are very popular in the market due to their vivid colors and exquisite patterns. As an heir to the weaving technique, I treasure this skill. I also have the confidence to inherit it. and move it forward, ”Karri said.

While protecting and inheriting intangible cultural heritage, Karri also contributes to increasing the income of local populations.

“Now, a piece of Bangdian can be sold for 300 yuan (US $ 46) in Lhasa, and the wholesale price ranges from 250 to 280 yuan (US $ 39 to 43). After deducting trainees’ salaries, the cost of materials raw, pigments and the like, my annual net income is around 180,000 yuan (US $ 27,800), ”Karri said.

Produced by Xinhua Global Service