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In Freiburg too, it can happen that people are confronted overnight with a mountain of debt that they can not handle themselves. Even a missing insurance in the wrong place at the wrong time can be expensive for sufferers. But Freiburg does not have to deal with debts alone. So there are some institutions that offer debt counseling and help to escape the red numbers .

Debt counselor in Freiburg

debt counseling CONTACT DETAILS
Caritas social service debt Caritas Association Freiburg-City eV
Herrenstraße 6
79098 Freiburg

Telephone: 0761 – 3191666
Fax: 0761 – 3191647

E-mail address:

German Association for the Promotion of Consumer Debt E. V German Association for the Promotion of Consumer Debt E. V.
Hans-Sachs-Gasse 7
79098 Freiburg

Telephone: 0761 – 2928690

E-mail address:

Debt counseling of the city of Freiburg Debt counseling [City of Freiburg im Breisgau]
Fehrenbachallee 12
79106 Freiburg

Phone: 0761 – 2013871
Fax: 0761 – 2013114

E-Mail Address:

Freiburg offers debt counseling in various places

It is often advisable to seek out a debt counseling service in Freiburg. Insolvency law can prove to be quite complicated for a layman. For example, help is provided by the Caritas Social Service . Questions about insolvency in Freiburg will be answered by the staff working there. The German Society for the Promotion of Consumer Debt Relief, a registered association, also offers a non-profit debt counseling service . In Freiburg, therefore, there is quite a lot of choice.

In doing so, indebted people need to be aware that not all institutions are charitable and offer their services for free. Some counseling centers in the city of Baden-Württemberg also come as private companies, which take money for the help offered.

Anyone who turns to such a provider for a private bankruptcy in Freiburg, should make sure that this works seriously . This is recognized by stakeholders that cost plans are clearly communicated from the outset . In addition, reputable companies provide clear timetables. You should be skeptical if it is not clear how long the debt counseling in Freiburg will take.

Legal help

Are problems with a liquidator in Freiburg before or is already threatening a court hearing due to high debt , it is often useful from a lawyer to seek advice. This then provides the necessary legal support.